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Take a stand once again and demand justice for MAR

MAR´s case is one of serious physical, psychological, and sexual violence. Her and her family´s life will be in danger if their attacker is set free. The case involves two women, mother and daughter, who for years were attacked and sexually exploited by MAR´s stepfather, who impregnated her when she was 11 years old and began sexually exploiting her when she was 15. Incomprehensibly, the Yucatan Superior Court of Justice released him of the rape charges and he is now only being tried on charges of procuring, which is not considered a serious crime.

In October of 2010, MAR submitted a new complaint, this one for statutory rape. More than 350 people - certainly you were among us - accompanied the demands made of the Prosecutor as well as the Governor and the Yucatan Institute for Gender Equity: to carry out the DNA tests and bring the case to court as quickly as possible.

The Public Prosecutor´s Office did not carry out the DNA test – it doesn't have the instruments to do so and did not take responsibility for its cost – but MAR was able to afford it thanks to domestic and international solidarity and submitted the test results on September 1, 2011.

15 months after submission of her complaint and six months after receiving the test results, the prosecutor has not moved forward on the case, which is now closed and has been in the Public Prosecutor's Consignment Area since November 2011.

Why doesn't the Public Prosecutor take action? Why hasn't it brought the case to court? Might it want to protect or save those justices who determined that she was not raped?

Demand that the Public Prosecutor take the case to court immediately.

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